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Bayley wins the women’s championship on Raw


The main event of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Las Vegas, Nevada featured Bayley challenging Charlotte for the women’s championship. Considering the gut punch that was Kevin Owens breaking up with Chris Jericho not long before, the audience was somewhat deflated going in.

The women brought them back by simply being too damn good at what they do. Charlotte was overpowering Bayley throughout much of the match but The Hugger was showing she could take a lot of punishment and keep moving forward.

Not only that, she was showing she could get physical and fight just as hard.

When they got to the near falls, the crowd was fully invested. That included Charlotte kicking out of the flying elbow, then kicking out of a hurricanrana from the top rope. Bayley had Charlotte in the Figure Four and looked poised to win the title when Dana Brooke ran out to make the save.

Charlotte then slapped on the Figure Eight and now it looked like Bayley was going to lose. That’s when Sasha Banks ran down, took out Dana Brooke, then hit Charlotte to break the hold. The referee didn’t see it.

Bayley followed up with the Bayley-to-Belly and got the three count to win the championship.

Can you believe it?

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