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Let’s Say Nice Things About... The Rock

In an effort to bring some positivity to professional wrestling—and the world for that matter—Cageside Seats and its community will say nice things about people and things in wrestling every single day throughout 2017.

A reminder of the rules: only positivity allowed here. No back-handed compliments, and CERTAINLY NO NEGATIVITY. If you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself, or take it elsewhere. Negative comments will be deleted and you may be subjected to a ban. Cool? Cool.

Today’s subject: since we’re approaching the sixth anniversary of his return to WWE, the man of many nicknames (and titles), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I’ll start: He worked his ass off to become the one of the most sought after people in entertainment. From being virtually broke out of college, Dwayne joined the family business, became a pretty good wrestler, is one of the best promos in the history of the business in his prime—maybe the best, and became one of the greatest performers of all time. And in a rare occurrence, he got out of the wrestling business before he was pushed out the door.

Also a rarity, he comes off as charming and personable and humbling. He’s on my short list of wrestlers I’d definitely hang out with.

Not bad for a guy who once had “Die Rocky die” chanted at him.

Now you do it: say something nice about the most electrifying man in sports, entertainment, and sports.

And if you have a suggestion for a future “Let’s Say Nice Things About...”, hit me up on Twitter @notoriouseddie. I promise I won’t bite.

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