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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results: Everyone loses in Dolph Ziggler handicap match

Outnumbered from the jump thanks to the two-on-one handicap stipulation put on him by General Manager Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler didn’t waste any time evening the odds. The Show-Off jumped Kalisto from behind during the luchador’s entrance, so Apollo Crews went right at Ziggler while trainers checked on his friend.

That fire helped Crews for a while, but eventually Dolph took control by targeting Apollo’s neck.

While Ziggler was inflicting punishment, however, Kalisto appeared on the stage.

That distraction created an opening for Crews to get in some offense, and then the former United States champion got in the action himself.

From there things went about how you’d expect a handicap match to go, as the Apollo hit his finisher off a blind tag. But Dolph wasn’t done.

During the winners celebration, he pulled Kalisto’s legs out from under him, sending him crashing off the apron on his way down to the floor. When Crews gave chase, Ziggler beat him down back in the ring, then did his best to break Apollo’s ankle with a chair.

Hard to see what this did for anyone, but, hey... at least it’s over.

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