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Goldberg added to pre and post-Fastlane episodes of WWE Raw

WWE on Twitter

Unless WWE is working some major misdirection, if you want to be surprised on the Road to WrestleMania, you should probably stop paying attention to not only things like Wrestling Observer, but also advertisements for shows between now and April 2.

Here’s our latest example, uncovered by PWInsider, Goldberg has been added to the “Featured Superstars” billing for the Feb. 27 Raw in Green Bay and the following Monday’s show in Chicago.

Those are the ‘go home’ and fallout shows for Mar. 5’s Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV), where the WCW legend will challenge Kevin Owens for his Universal championship, so... no duh he’s gonna be there. Even if you haven’t read reports concerning plans for that title at Mania, you’d kind of expect the #1 contender to be around on those dates.

But, as with rumors about SmackDown’s World title plans, and buzz about what Shane McMahon, AJ Styles, Miz, John Cena and others could be doing in Orlando, it’s really easy to throw Goldberg’s bookings into the mix and see them as confirmation of the outcome of the Fastlane’s main event.

Unless WWE is working the dirt sheets and causing us all to read too much into Raw appearances and house show cards.

Isn’t wrestling great?

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