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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE Elimination Chamber is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 12, 2017) from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Elimination Chamber below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Bray Wyatt def. John Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose
Naomi def. Alexa Bliss
Randy Orton def. Luke Harper
Nikki Bella vs. Natalya goes to a double count-out draw.
American Alpha def. Heath Slater & Rhyno, The Vaudevillains, The Ascension, The Usos, and Breezango
Apollo Crews & Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler
Becky Lynch def. Mickie James
Mojo Rawley def. Curt Hawkins


The smell of paint, a flask of wine, and turn those faces all to me. The blunderbuss and halberd-shaft and Dutch respectability. They make their entrance one by one, defenders of that way of life-- the red brick home, the bourgeoisie, guitar lessons for the wife... and of course, a full service liveblog for this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The preshow opens with Renee Young welcoming us and introducing her fellow panelists, Booker T, Sam Roberts, and Carmella. We cut to Dasha Fuentes in the social media lounge, where Becky Lynch will be answering Twitter questions in a bit.

Our first topic of discussion is the women's championship match, but Carmella's too busy texting James Ellsworth to pick up her laundry to chime in in a timely manner. We then get a video package for and discussion of Luke Harper vs.. Randy Orton.

The panel then moves to the tag titles and then Nikki Bella vs. Natalya, when Jimmy Dream crashes the panel. He doesn't have Carmella's coffee, but he did bring skybox tickets. She signals for techs to come out and remove her microphone rig and she heads off with James to his box.

Our next topic is the handicap match, and then we go to the Becky interview. She's excited to disarm Mickie James and thinks about using her arms to give her a standing ovation and then use them as the clapper on a film set. If she could tag team with anybody, past or present, it'd be Shawn Michaels, for two reasons.

One, he's the Heartbreak Kid, and she could be the Armbreak Kid. Two, he retired Ric Flair, and she wants to do a tag match against the Flairs. She went back and watched previous Mickie James matches to prepare for her fight tonight. She puts Mickie over but says she's going to slap her back into the past.

Booker T has a laugh over JBL bumping during his entrance just now, we get a replay of it (god bless the cameraman for trying to keep him upright!), and then the panel discusses Lynch/James. We're promised our first match after a break!


Curt Hawkins vs. Mojo Rawley

Hawkins bails to the apron immediately, comes back in and ducks Mojo again on the other side. Rawley gets a foot the third time and Curt punches him in the face, but it just fires Mojo up! He wipes Hawkins out with a lariat, whip across, three-point stance, chop block! Curt outside, Mojo follows and sets him up on the apron to slam his collarbone down on the corner for the ring.

Hawkins cuts him off with a boot to the chest and throws him into the apron after he crumples outside. Curt's happy to take the countout, but Rawley comes in at eight to foil him and we go to break.

Back from break, off the ropes, Hawkins drops down and slides out, taking Mojo's leg out on the way. Straight suplex gets two, knee to the back, reverse chinlock applied. Rawley fights out with a jawbreaker but Curt is right there on him with a lariat. Two count, lateral press for two more, he's frustrated, shoving Mojo to the mat and throwing punches at his head.

Mojo's fired up, shrugging off punches and firing his own, off the ropes, elbow, shoulder, lariat, in the corner, Stinger splash, fireman's carry slam drops Curt face-first on the mat. Hawkins pulls the apron in the ring to distract referee Ryan Tran long enough to poke the eyes, lifting reverse STO... no good! Disdainful slaps to the head, Rawley back at him with body blows, eats a kick to the knee, Hawkins ducks a lariat and lands an enzuigiri for two.

Hawkins charges over, Mojo shoves him in the corner, big running forearm, off the ropes...

Mojo Rawley wins by pinfall with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam.

The preshow panel shills for the Network before discussing the Elimination Chamber match itself.


The show proper begins with an extended version of the piano music teaser they've been using to advertise the show.

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

Circling, collar and elbow, into the ropes, James throws Becky over but neither breaks the lockup, even as they roll outside and Lynch gets forced against the barricade. Mickie into the apron as referee Danilo Anfibio counts, but they break and head back in in a timely manner. Becky with a wristlock, Mickie flips out and rolls her around to reverse it, short-arm shoulder thrusts.

Shift to a hammerlock, Lynch reverses and tries to take her down for Dis-Arm-Her but James has the ropes and grabs an armbar in return. Becky shakes her off and to the outside, where Mickie takes a breather. On the apron, Lynch throws a forearm and smashes her into the ringpost before following with a kick that sends her outside, diving forearm off the apron!

Back in the ring, James cuts her off with a kick and hits an implant DDT off the ropes for two. Cover and recover but Mickie can't keep her down for three. James goes after the arm, wrenching it over the ropes, dropping a leg on it, stepover knee drop armbreaker, and a boot to the face for good measure, but Becky kicks out at two. Arm over the ropes again, shoulder to shoulder, kick the arm.

Mickie takes her down with a hammerlock, bridges over, Becky to her feet, out, forearm, uppercut, whip reversed and Lynch eats a boot to the face. James throws her into the ringpost shoulder first and climbs to the first, flying headscissors connects, she's fired up, shoving Becky to the mat. More covers, grounded half nelson with a knucklelock into a full nelson, then into sort of an armlock sleeper.

Lynch fights to her feet, rolls Mickie out, and they go forearm for forearm for a bit. Lariats, two with the arm and one with the leg, exploder suplex connects for two, James drags herself up in the corner, Becky charges in for the forearm but gets dodged and takes a flapjack, Mickie kips up and heads to the turnbuckles. Up top, she blows a kiss and comes down with a diving Lou Thesz press for two.

Back elbow from Becky, a kick, up top herself, missile dropkick is only good for two. Pumphandle suplex dodged and the Mick Kick connects but Lynch is under the ropes! James drags her into the center of the ring, cover... NO GOOD! Grounded forearms, Mickie's coming a little unhinged here, she lies in wait and beckons Lynch to get up, kick to the gut, looking for the DDT but gets a back body drop.

Becky goes for Dis-Arm-Her, Mickie reverses to a cover, Lynch reverses her in turn...

Becky Lynch wins by pinfall with a folding press.


Dasha goes to Carmella's skybox to get some thoughts. Carmella says the wrong woman won, and Ellsworth meekly agrees.

Baron Corbin and his tiny mustache are backstage shadowboxing ahead of the Elimination Chamber match.


Apollo Crews & Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler (Handicap Match)

Dolph attacks Kalisto from behind during his entrance!

The match begins without him and Apollo is on Ziggler, punching him and putting boots to him in the corner. Mounted punches follow, they end up on the apron, Dolph snaps Apollo's neck over the top rope and hits a neckbreaker over the middle before tearing at Crews' face in the corner. Neckbreaker in the middle of the ring gets two, elbow drop to the shoulder does the same.

Hooking Apollo's nose, Ziggler locks a reverse chinlock in and grounds him. Crews up and out with body blows, Dolph with a low kick, superkick gets caught, Apollo with a schoolboy for two, Ziggler cuts him short with a back elbow. Dolph riding him, grabs a reverse chinlock again, traps the arm but Apollo turns it into a pin, so Ziggler goes back to the reverse chinlock once more.

Crews up and out, big right, Dolph kicks him to set up a neckbreaker but Apollo shoows him off and kicks him. The Show-Off is on him, however, and lands a swinging neckbreaker as Kalisto limps his way up the ramp. Ziggler stomps Apollo's ear and jaws with referee Rod Zapata, giving Crews time to recover and land an enzuigiri. Kalisto tags in, kick, seated senton to the back of Ziggler's head, handspring gamengiri!

Kalisto's back is bugging him but he hooks Dolph for the Salida del Sol. Dolph shoves him back, blind tag, Kalisto sets Dolph up...

Apollo Crews & Kalisto win by pinfall with Apollo's back suplex lift powerbomb.

Post-match, Dolph takes Kalisto out at the legs and catches Apollo back in the ring, putting the boots to him. He grabs a chair and slides it on Crews' left leg. A few punches to the head for good measure, he comes down with the stomp... Pillmanized! He sets it up again, Apollo screaming agony but there's nothing he can do to stop Ziggler coming down on the chair again.


Dean Ambrose is pacing backstage, preparing for the Elimination Chamber match.

Commentary then praises the Rock for winning the Entertainer of the Year Award at the 2017 NAACP Image Awards.

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) (c) vs. Beauty and the Man-Beast (Heath Slater & Rhyno) vs. Breezango (Fandango & Tyler Breeze) vs. the Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tag Team Turmoil Match)

Beauty and the Man-Beast and Breezango are our starting teams.

Fandango and Slater start for their respective teams, collar and elbow, Fandango get a side headlock, Heath shoots him off, eats a shoulder block, drop down, leap frog, hip toss, Atomic Drop, Breeze tags in and eats an Atomic Drop of his own.Tag to Rhyno, short-arm shoulder block, arm wringer, Tyler blocks, off the ropes and he takes a shoulder block.

To the corner, Rhyno in with a shoulder, whip, reversed, reversed, short-arm lariat connects, Slater tags in. Whip, double back elbow, wristlock, Breeze out with a forearm, tags Fandango in and he trips Heath up before coming in, raining punches down, and taking his shirt off. Suplex into the ropes, tag to Tyler, double boots get two. Boots in the corner, another tag, Slater back in it with punches, trying for a sunset flip, Fandango's flailing but throws a punch and tickets Slater.

Sunset flip rolls through, leg lariat, Breeze breaks the pin up but Rhyno breaks Tyler. Heath with an O'Connor roll, Rhyno tags in, Fandango tries to pin Slater...

Beauty and the Man-Beast eliminate Breezango by pinfall with a Gore from Rhyno on Fandango.

Vaudevillains out next.

They yank Rhyno out and whip him into the barricade, but Heath comes off the top with a diving crossbody to wipe them out! Slater tags in, tries to drag Gotch in but English is legal first and takes it to him with a knee drop for two. Wrenching the ear, he sets Heath up in his corner and puts boots to him, above and below, tagging Simon in. Gotch with knee lifts, rolling solebutt, he flexes, fireman's carry, tag to Aiden, Finlay Roll, English up top but Rhyno Gores Simon!

Swanton misses, Slater is ready...

Beauty and the Man-Beast eliminate Vaudevillains by pinfall with Sweetness from Heath Slater on Aiden English.

The Usos out next.

Jimmy starts against Heath, he drops him with a kick and brings him back up for a chop. Whip across, Slater with a flying forearm, tag to Rhyno. Double axehandle, punches and chops, whip reversed and Rhyno takes the corner hard. Chops in the Usos' corner, tag to Jey, big forearm for two. Jey with a whip but Rhyno's ready this time and comes out hot with a lariat.

Heath tags back in and cleans house, right hands, whip reversed, Jey ducks a knee, pop-up Samoan drop! Rhyno breaks up the pin, Jey dumps him outside, Slater ducks a lariat, Jimmy tags in and Slater does an O'Connor roll to the wrong Uso...

The Usos eliminate Beauty and the Man-Beast by pinfall with a superkick from Jimmy Uso on Heath Slater.

American Alpha out next.

They're brawling in the ramp, all four of 'em! Alpha get the Usos in the ring, tandem German suplexes! Jordan with a Cactus Clothesline on Jimmy, Gable off the top with a crossbody... NO GOOD! Jey takes it to him in return, shove into the corner, shoulder thrust, Jimmy tags in and Jey with a backbreaker, Jimmy off the top with an elbow for a little Demolition Decapitation!

Jimmy drags Chad up and throws him chest-first into the Usos' corner before choking him over the middle rope. Big chop, tag to Jey, superkick to the ribs, literally stepping on Gable to hold him down while he tags Jimmy back in. Guillotine leg drop gets two and Jimmy locks a reverse chinlock on. Gable escapes, desperate for the tag, Jimmy holding on to him, whip, double lariat, both men laid out!

Jason Jordan in, running forearms, big dropkick, belly-to-belly suplex on Jimmy, one for Jey, the straps are down! Electric chair, Gable tags but Jey gets a victory roll! Chad thinks on his feet...

American Alpha eliminate the Usos by pinfall with a Gedo Clutch from Chad Gable on Jey Uso.

The Usos put boots to Alpha afterward, choking Jordan on the ropes and yanking him to the floor. Gable gets thrown into the steps, they drag Jason back in the ring... Diving splash!

The Ascension come down, Jordan still laid out in the ring.

They yell a bunch, Konnor picks Jordan up, Fall of Man... NO GOOD! CHAD GABLE MAKES THE SAVE! Konnor Hot Shots Chad across the top rope, tag to Viktor. The Ascension put boots to Jordan, tag Viktor shoves Jason into a knee from Konnor... JORDAN KICKS OUT! Viktor back in, chop, Jordan dodges a corner avalanche, belly-to-belly suplex!

Gable desperate for a tag, Konnor comes in, Jason ducks him, tag made! Konnor yanks Gable from the ring but he slips past...

American Alpha win by pinfall, last eliminating the Ascension by pinfall with Grand Amplitude on Viktor to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.


The Miz is preparing for the Elimination Chamber backstage by way of having his makeup touched up and getting a kiss from Maryse.

Natalya vs. Nikki Bella

Side headlock takeover from Nattie out the gate, Nikki reverses to a headscissors but Neidhart escapes. Waistlock to a wristlock, handful of hair, Bella kicks the leg, roll-through cross armbar but Nattie has the hands clasped and escapes. Another kick, Natalya with a spear into right hands, drags her up by the hair, waistlock takedown, a kick while she's down to boot.

Waistlock takedown two, Neidhart declares herself a wrestler and does the "You can't see me" for added measure. Waistlock, Nikki blocks, picks the leg, roll through to a kneebar! Nattie gets the ropes, heads outside, Nikki kicks her, diving lariat off the apron! Rolls her back in the ring but Natalya rolls out the other side and calls for a timeout before shoving Bella into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Nattie jaws at commentary before going for a handful of hair again and throwing her with a snap suplex. Kick to the back, boots in the corner, Nattie skips around before throwing a snapmare and a dropkick to the back. Reverse chinlock in, and my Network feed drops totally for a minute, sorry folks.

When I get it back up, Natalya's working the leg. Deathlock applied, she does the "You can't see me!" deal again but Nikki throws hands and counters to the Fearless Lock! Off the ropes with a Pounce, dropkick, single knee facebreaker gets two. Neidhart scoops her up for the Michinoku Driver, that's only good for two, looking for the Sharpshooter... BELLAHAMMER! NOT ENOUGH!

Fireman's carry applied, Nattie out with elbows, whip reversed, spinebuster gets another nearfall for Nikki! Springboard kick gets two more, fighting goes to the apron, Bella up top, Neidhart cuts her off and joins her... SUPERPLEX! Both women out as referee Jason Ayers counts, Nattie to her feet first, she locks the Sharpshooter on but Nikki's crawling for the ropes.

Natalya drags her to the center of the ring and sits down but Bella flips her out of it! Fearless Lock in, Nattie's struggling and manages to get the ropes. They spill outside, Natalya throwing hands, she rams Nikki into the barricade, knee, boots, Bella back in it, throws her into the barricade as Ayers counts. She runs back over at nine but Nattie yanks her away...

The match goes to a double count-out draw.

Both women jaw at Ayers before Natalya decides to throw a forearm and beat on Nikki some more! Nattie's had enough and heads up the ramp.. SPEAR! Nikki throwing hands! The referee intercedes and Natalya's able to run off.


Back to Carmella in her skybox now, she says they have major issues are out of control and Ellsworth parrots her.

Cut to the smokey room with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Bray says they have to go their separate ways right now, but in the end they will reunite for the Era of Wyatt. Orton gets to say "Run," for his part.

Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton

A bit of stalling and staring early, collar and elbow, they break immediately. Harper psyches himself up, back to the lockup, and again they break. A third time, they struggle around the ring, Luke gets a side headlock, Randy shoves him off, shoulder block into a cover, no good. Fighting outside, big rights from Harper, he throws Orton into the barricade and breaks the count, because he watched the last match.

Face into the announce desk, Luke takes a second to slap five with a fan, then back in the ring, big dropkick takes the Viper down! Harper thinking about going up top, he cuts Randy off on the cutoff and gets up top but Orton knocks him clean to the floor with a forearm! Randy poses in the corner and Harper rolls back in. Orton forces him in the corner with punches, hammer whip, throws him out under the bottom rope.

Face smash into the announce desk followed by a back suplex that sees Luke stumble into the German area! The Viper throws him back in the ring for a cover but it's only good for two. Reverse chinlock applied, Harper fights to a seated position and to his feet, elbows to the gut, Orton with a clubbing blow to the back and a suplex onto the ropes before more posing.

Boots in the corner, drag to the middle, stomp to the gut, rear chinlock with a knee to the back, the Apex Predator shifts to a reverse chinlock again, Luke to his feet, grabbing at the leg, body blow, big rights to the face, Randy throws an uppercut, whip, Harper off the corner with lariats. Whip, Luke to the apron, forearm, he's feeling it, slingshot senton atomico!

That awesome falling big boot connects but it's only good for a nearfall. Harper to the apron, Randy catches him for the DDT but he counters by snapping Orton's head over the ropes. Catapult into the middle rope, Luke is hot, goes for a suicide dive but the Viper meets him with a forearm to block! Goes to pass him outside for the DDT but Harper blocks, throws him out instead... SUICIDE DIVE CONNECTS!

Harper hits the back suplex on the announce table himself, he goes in for more but Randy catches him with the snap scoop powerslam on the floor. Orton rolls into the ring, Luke to the apron, forearm, he climbs, hooks Randy, for a superplex but the Viper blocks. Orton up himself looking for his own superplex, and he gets it! Randy with the cover, nearfall, punch for slap, kick, Orton going for the RKO but Harper blocks it, Randy hits the full nelson slam for two more.

Luke to the apron, the Viper finally catches him with the rope-hung DDT! He's going to the that place but Harper's a step ahead of him with a superkick! Another one... NOT ENOUGH! He clutches Orton for the Brodie Bomb, the Viper slips out, RKO blocked, low superkick... BRODIE BOMB! NO GOOD! Kneeling, slugging it out now, both men so spent, buckling with every shot.

On their feet, uppercuts, Luke wins with a slicing blow to the throat, goes for the discus lariat but Randy's ready for him...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO.


We then get a hype video for WrestleMania.

AJ Styles is backstage getting himself ready for the Elimination Chamber.

We cut to an interview with Nikki Bella. She says things with Natalya are far from over and-- Nattie blindsides her! She's throwing her into road cases, a table, into Maryse, who gets dusted with powder from something she was holding bumped into, and referees separate the two women!


Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Naomi (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship)

They square off, Alexa turns her back on Naomi and gets rolled up for a quick cover. Naomi takes Bliss on a tour of the turnbuckles, bulldogging her into the third. Alexa knocks her to the apron, she takes a roundhouse but is able to stop her and yank her to the mat on a springboard. Grounded punches, she puts Naomi's face into the turnbuckle and chokes her with a foot.

Choking her over the ropes now, double knees to the back of the head get two, turnbuckle slam blocked, Naomi goes for the turnbuckle bulldog again but Alexa stops her and Naomi eats turnbuckle pad! Stepping on the hair and yanking Naomi up by double wristlocks now, referee Ryan Tran admonishes the champion as she locks a reverse chinlock in. Naomi to her feet, throws Bliss off, charges in, eats a back elbow.

On the second, boot, flips down into a pin, reversed, simultaneous strikes leave both women laid out. Off the ropes, Naomi connects with a leaping lariat, leaping back elbow, boots in the corner blocked so she hits an enzuigiri, off the ropes for a somersault lariat. Charge in, back drop to the apron, Naomi climbs up, diving blockbuster for two. Alexa fighting her off in the corner, dragging herself to her feet, she charges over, Rear View!

Only good for a nearfall, Naomi drags her in the corner for the split-legged moonsault but Bliss blocks it by grabbing her leg. Begging off now, Naomi gets her in the ropes, Alexa throws a few forearms, Insault to Injury connects for two. More grounded punches, the champion sets her up and goes up top but Naomi is right on her with an enzuigiri! Bliss outside, Naomi fires up for a dive but Alexa's on the apron with a forearm, she snaps her down with the DDT... NO GOOD!

Bliss throwing a fit, Naomi catches her with a double wristlock inverted double stomp facebreaker, follows with the split-legged moonsault, Alexa reverses the pin, foot on the ropes, referee Ryan Tran catches her on it! Twisted Bliss connects but Naomi has the knees up...

Naomi wins by pinfall with the split-legged moonsault, winning the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion.

Renee Young interviews Naomi, who says she feels amazing as "You deserve it!" chants rain down. She admonishes the crowd for making her cry and says she envisioned this moment for years and Alexa has been one hell of a champion. She's taking the title home to Orlando and WrestleMania, baby!


We're back in the skybox with Carmella, who's sick of being interrupted. Ellsworth joins in yelling at Dasha and Carmella yells at him, at which point he takes the mic and tells Dasha to scram.

And now we have the commercial where Enzo Amore makes sweet love to Sean's favorite food, KFC Georgia Gold. A promo for Fastlane follows.

The Elimination Chamber is being lowered! No ominous cage music, unfortunately.

AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena (c) vs. the Miz (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match)

The other four men are locked in their pods, so we have Cena and Styles to start.

Cena jawing at AJ as they begin to circle, collar and elbow, John with a side headlock, Styles shoots him off, eats a shoulder block. Circling again, back to the collar and elbow, AJ gets a headlock this time, takes the champ to one knee, Cena shoots him off, drop down, leapfrog, Styles kicks his leg out of his leg! Trading rights, John backs him in the corner, whip across, dodge, Argentine backbreaker rack applied, AJ shakes it, spins him out into the powerbomb for two!

Kick to the gut, Styles Clash attempt earns a back body drop, Yoshi Tonic connects for a nearfall! More right hands from both men, Cena with a drop toehold, Styles kicks him away, Ushigoroshi gets a nearfall of his own. Off the ropes, John ducks a lariat, shoulder blocks connect, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, "You can't see me!" and the timer ticks down...

Dean Ambrose enters the match! He's right on Cean with a flying lariat, throws him out of the ring and shoves him into the steel chains a few times for good measure. Boots to him, using the wall for leverage, AJ joins him but Dean blocks and throws him into the steel then back in the ring with a lariat. Looking to suplex the Phenomenal One inside but AJ reverses, suplexes him out.

Ambrose hooks him... CRASH LANDING ON THE STEEL! Dean climbs the pod... DIVING ELBOW ON CENA! Wristlock applied, he's dragging the champ in the ring but Styles comes from behind with a waistlock. Standing switch, another, Cena in... GERMAN SUPLEX ON BOTH MEN AT ONCE! All three stagger to their feet, Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, eats a Pele kick, Dean hits the pendulum lariat on AJ, and the timer ticks down...

Bray Wyatt comes out, lariat on Ambrose, flying shoulder tackle on Cena, he hooks Dean, release suplex, AJ low bridges him, goes to springboard but Bray throws him into the steel chains! Struggling in the turnbuckles, Styles boots him, drags him through the turnbuckles, guillotine leg drop! Cena with a fireman's carry, AJ slips out, right hands, he climbs the structure and John follows.

Punching each other on the horizontal support beam, AJ knocks Cena clean to the steel floor! The Phenomenal One steps over to the pod but is met by Dean Ambrose. Dean throws Styles into the Lexan but takes a shot in return, back and forth before Wyatt grabs Ambrose's foot and yanks him to the mat! He throws Dean in the ring, big right, sets him up top and meets him up there for headbutts.

Dean fighting back with punches, he slips to the mat, AJ comes over for headbutts... BRAY CHUCKS DEAN WITH AN AVALANCHE OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Everybody's hurting, and the timer ticks down...

Baron Corbin enters the match! He's right on Dean, throwing hands and tossing Ambrose face first into the chains before grinding him against them. Back in the ring, Dean ducks a body avalanche but gets caught by Deep Six. Bray attacks Baron from behind, hooks him for Sister Abigail but gets thrown into Miz's pod and eats a big boot to boot. Chokeslam into the steel and then a Nodowa Otoshi on the mat!

AJ and Corbin get into it, the Lone Wolf hits End of Days but Cena comes in and catches him with an STF! Baron escapes, End of Days on Cena but John rolls out! Ambrose with a dropkick and a lariat to the outside, he's whipping Corbin into the chain over and over but Baron blocks the last one and throws him in. Scoops the Intercontinental Champion up and just throws him into the steel and then the Lexan of an unoccupied pod!

The Lone Wolf isolates Ambrose, looking for Snake Eyes but Ambrose counters, thinking Dirty Deeds, escaped, up top... BARON SHOVES HIM OFF THE TURNBUCKLES AND INTO THE CAGE! The timer ticks down, Corbin's waiting for Miz but the A-Lister doesn't want to come out, and Dean is ready...

Dean Ambrose eliminates Baron Corbin by pinfall with a schoolboy pin.

Corbin hits a northern lariat on Ambrose and THROWS HIM THROUGH A POD! He's grinding Dean's face into the chain now, and pummeling him with forearms to the back of the head. End of Days in the middle of the ring as referees surround him, ordering him to leave. Baron finally exits, Miz takes advantage...

The Miz eliminates Dean Ambrose by pinfall with a lateral press.

Miz doing Yes! fingers in front of a kneeling Bray Wyatt and John Cena, he gets the two-for-one special on two men who very much know what the real deal feels like, and he finishs with a dropkick. AJ in, Miz with a boot, kicks in the corner, running corner dropkicks, he throws Wyatt outside, another dropkick for Styles, Cena takes the Awesome Clothesline and Miz heads up top.

Bray meets him, yanks him down, and takes a Skull Crushing Finale on the outside! Miz with a diving crossbody, Cena catches him and rolls through...

John Cena eliminates the Miz by pinfall with an Attitude Adjustment.

Wyatt and Styles put boots to him, Bray follows with a kneeling choke before dragging the champ up in a full nelson. AJ doesn't want to play, though, and Wyatt drops him with a right. Running senton on Cena misses, AJ takes the shoulder blocks and the Blue Thunder Driver again, with one extra for Bray. "You can't see me!", Ten Knuckle Shuffle! Bray up in a fireman's carry, Attitude Adjustment but AJ blocks his... STYLES CLASH! NO GOOD!

Phenomenal One to the apron, he's thinking springboard, waiting for the champ, but John goes under, catches him, Attitude Adjustment... NOT ENOUGH! Cena's feeling frisky, he climbs the cage and perches on top of a pod. He points to the WrestleMania sign... DIVING CROSSBODY OFF THE POD ON BOTH GUYS!

All three men are out on the mat now, Wyatt and Cena up first, fireman's carry, Bray slips out...

Bray Wyatt eliminates John Cena by pinfall with Sister Abigail!

AJ drags himself to his feet while the Eater of Worlds lies in wait. Bray charges in, eats a forearm, Wyatt returns an elbow and takes Styles to the mat for clubbing forearms to the back of the head! He drags AJ to his feet and throws him into the turnbuckles but when he charges in, AJ goes low with a dropkick and takes his knee out! Leaping forearm gets a nearfall.

Sister Abigail blocked, AJ gets a schoolboy for two, Styles Rush, Bray cuts him off midway with a devastating lariat... AJ STYLES LIVES! Bray clutches him for the Rock Bottom, Styles out again, Pele kick, off the ropes, sliding knee strike, AJ heads to the apron. Springboard 450 connects... WYATT KICKS OUT! Styles takes the elbow pads off, springboard... BRAY CATCHES HIM!

Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall, last eliminating AJ Styles with Sister Abigail to win the WWE Championship!

Bray celebrates with the title, pointing at the WrestleMania sign in his unique way as Randy Orton looks on from the ramp.

That's the show, folks.

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