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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Kalisto & Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler full match preview

Two-on-One Handicap Match

The Show-Off's turned his back on a lot of old friends since coming up short in his latest chance at the WWE World title last month. Now General Manager Daniel Bryan is giving two of those guys a chance to teach Dolph Ziggler a lesson.

The Road to Elimination Chamber

Ziggler was his usual self headed into his Triple Threat with then World champion AJ Styles and Baron Corbin on Jan. 3... chip on his shoulder about being overlooked despite his accomplishments, determined to keep fighting for more opportunities, planning to steal the show, etc.

Was it missing out on that chance that drove him over the edge? A loss the following week to Corbin? Or being offended that former United States champion Kalisto thought Dolph needed his help with a post-match assault by the Lone Wolf?

The following week, the luchdor requested and was given an opportunity to get revenge/beat some sense into The Show-Off. When that didn't work, Apollo Crews came to Kalisto's aid, and took some steel chair shots across the back for his trouble.

After a brief detour that involved talking really, really slowly to Jerry Lawler and making JBL so mad he couldn't stand up without tripping over his chair...

Ziggler returned to tormenting Crews & Kalisto.

As he often does - especially when his heel flag is flying - Dolph bragged his way into a disadvantage this Sunday. Ziggler told Bryan he was so damn good he could beat Crews & Kalisto at the same time, so...

What's at stake?

This already seems like mid-card purgatory for all three men, so barring a twist like the good guys turning to for a new villainous stable, it's not clear what awaits the winner(s) or loser(s).

The focus is more on Ziggler, so it will probably remain there during and after this match. He's washed out of both the Intercontinental and World title pictures in the last several months, but that was as a babyface, and a win here could be used to justify new chances for his new attitude.

It's possible a loss or non-decision here pushes him further and further toward the dark side, too. Kalisto is someone WWE's pushed to a secondary title in the past, and while Crews' WWE career has been rocky, they obviously see something in him. Maybe they'll be the next SmackDown reclamation project, moving toward the IC or possibly even tag title scenes?

The odds are against Dolph in this match, and might be against all three men backstage, but you'll be a winner (if we define that as, someone who finds out the outcome of this match) if you stick with cSs for all your Elimination Chamber needs!

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