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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch full match preview

Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch

Multi-time champion Mickie James is back in the WWE and as soon as she returned, she set her sights on the first SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch.

James returned under the guise of La Luchadora, who was originally a character Becky Lynch wrestled as to get one over on champion Alexa Bliss headed into a title match. However, during that title match, it was Becky’s own La Luchadora character that interfered and cost her the match.

Lynch was granted a match up with her new masked foe, but during that match, La Luchadora was actually Alexa Bliss... or at least one of them was. Another female luchador interfered in that match as well, revealing that there were at least two of them out there.

Because of all the interference, SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan ordered Alexa defend her title against Becky in a steel cage to keep everyone else out. Proving that a steel cage has never kept anyone else out in the history of wrestling, Mickie James, still dressed as the female luchador, interfered and cost Becky the title yet again.

However, in a post match brawl, Becky had enough fight in her to rip off the mask and reveal Mickie James as the attacker.

The following week, James, alongside her ally Bliss, revealed the reason behind her attacks. The former women’s and diva’s champion was tired of hearing that Becky Lynch was one of the women who ushered in the Women’s Revolution in WWE. She felt it was overlooking all the work the Mickster had done in her time in WWE.

While a fair point that Mickie James did some great work in WWE and is one of their women’s wrestling greats, by no means did Becky ever take that away from her. In fact during last week’s duel contract signing, the Lass Kicker admitted that she respected and admired Mickie James. At least until Mickie started messing with her.

Now it’s the old guard and the new fighting it out for SmackDown Live supremacy. It’s also definitely possible that the winner of this match will find themselves very high on the contenders list for that SmackDown Women’s championship.

This could be a show stealing match, with two great women’s wrestlers looking to settle the score. If asked to list some dream matches, this match may not have immediately come to mind. But now that it’s happening, it certainly feels like a big deal. Becky Lynch is one of the best women on the roster today. Mickie James was one of the best women on the roster 10 years ago. And we’ve seen Mickie hasn’t lost a step in her battle against Asuka this summer. There’s no reason that this match shouldn’t deliver in spades.

Elimination Chamber airs tomorrow night at 8 EST on the WWE Network. Vote in the poll below to let us know who you think is going to win and keep it here at for all of your Elimination Chamber coverage.

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