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Emmalina might actually debut on the Feb. 13 Raw... like for real

It’s been a long time since WWE started teasing us with the return of Emmalina, and even longer since we’ve seen Emma - the previous often misunderstood character from chronically underutilized Australian wrestler, Tenille Dashwood.


Okay. Maybe. If you’re approaching the Feb. 13 Raw with caution like my main man Kyle Decker, not wanting to get fooled again like we were back in December, the last time WWE told us Emmalina would debut... I get it.

But as the head coach of my favorite football team says, we shouldn’t live in our fears. And it feels like both WWE and Emma(lina) herself are hyping next Monday more than they ever did Dec. 12.

The performer herself immediately responded to the announcement on the latest Raw by saying she’ll see us next week, and followed up with the below Twitter video early this morning, indicating she’s finally leaving whatever beachside villa she and Zack Ryder have been holed up in and heading to Las Vegas, where the Red Brand will be this upcoming Monday: has also dedicated one whole section of their preview for the episode to Emmalina’s arrival:

For months now, Emma has been teasing her transformation into “Emmalina,” and now, it seems like the makeover the WWE Universe has been anxiously awaiting is finally here.

This metamorphosis could very well turn the Raw Women’s division on its ear Monday night in Las Vegas, and something tells us Emmalina will be well worth the wait.


What do you think (it’s okay if you want to burst my bubble)?

If she does actually show up, what will she do? Will WWE fit her into the Bayley/Charlotte/Nia/Sasha story? Hire some local talent for her to squash? Give her Eva Marie’s schtick?

Only a few days until it happens, or they play us again.

Let us know what you’re thinking happens on Monday, Feb. 13th.

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