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One reason Tye Dillinger is one of WWE’s best babyfaces

While I think there’s legitimate questions about how high on the card he can climb - either in NXT or on the bigger stages of the main roster - folks who dismiss Tye Dillinger’s connection to audiences as being nothing more than “TEN” chants are missing his appeal.

And the more Dillinger and the creative team in NXT de-emphasis his “Perfect Ten” gimmick in favor of his everyman charm, the higher his ceiling likely becomes.

We got a taste of that on this week’s episode of NXT, which furthered Tye’s fight against Eric Young and the punk anarchists of SAnitY. The crowd who braved a bitter Winter night to see a NXT live show in Philadelphia last night (Feb. 9) got a different side of it, but one that could go a long way to making him the Finn Balor/Bayley replacement the brand has needed to recapture the “We Are NXT” magic of 2015.

Dillinger, along with Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford (fka Kenneth Crawford), brought thermos full of hot chocolate out to serve to the folks waiting in line at the Tower Theater.

“It’s a way for us as NXT Superstars to be able to thank the fans for their support and dedication in helping NXT get to where it is today”, Dillinger told, who wisely spread the moment all around their social media.

Whether or not it was a spontaneous gesture or a manufactured moment is kind of beside the point, as it’s easy to believe this is something the 35 year old making the most of his second stint with WWE would do.

It’s that story, which is his real story and becoming his kayfabe one, that makes him such a great babyface.

Unfortunately, like WWE’s other great pure babyface, Becky Lynch, it means he loses a lot.

But hey... hot chocolate!

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