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No, WWE should not call CM Punk because Seth Rollins is injured

CM Punk

There are some calling for WWE to call CM Punk because Seth Rollins is injured and may have to miss WrestleMania 33.

They should not, mostly because there is very little chance his phone would even ring, and that’s not because it’s turned off.

That’s really all that needs to be said about it but I’ll expand on the point: we’re talking about a company that allegedly mistreated his various physical ailments, absolutely mistreated his television character, was petty enough to fire him on his wedding day (while the woman he was marrying still worked for the company), and may be bankrolling a lawsuit against him (one that is still ongoing). They also very recently ran him down on television in the form of making fun of how long he lasted in his UFC debut.

Punk does not need WWE’s money, no matter how willing they may be to give him a pen and a blank check. And considering everything you heard from Punk in his tell-all interview, not to mention everything he's said since then, do you really believe he would respond well to the company finally reaching out after all these years only because they want something from him?

Let's just stop entertaining the silly idea that WWE should even attempt to call CM Punk.

Again, they should not.

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