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Seth Rollins says his injury is ‘real’, thanks fans for support and vows to ‘slay the king’

Seth Rollins sent out a series of Twitter messages updating his status, thanking fans for their support and - perhaps most encouragingly - continuing his angle with Triple H.

The Tweets themselves are embedded below, but for ease of reading, here’s the statement:

Wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has reached out to me over the last two days.

Life doesn't always go your way, but that is no excuse to surrender. If anything, obstacles exist to help us grow and evolve. This reinjury to my surgically repaired knee is real and a lot is up in the air right now, but one thing remains constant: my resolve.

This doesn't end for me until I've reclaimed the throne. And for me, fighting and defeating Triple H is the only way. I will work harder than I ever have and push myself beyond what I know. This isn't over. The only way to wear the crown is to slay the king. I know what must be done and there's nothing that can stop me.

Rollins has been in Birmingham, Alabama gets his right knee evaluated after it appeared to buckle under him while Samoa Joe was taking him down in a choke hold during the closing segment on Raw this past Monday, Jan. 30.

We still have no official update on the outcome of those tests, a diagnosis of his injury or a prognosis & timeframe for recovery. Cageside Seats will bring you that information as soon as we have it.

In the meantime, Joe has been Tweeting in character taking credit for the injury, which has upset some fans. There’s also video here which isolates a conversation the two performers had while executing the spot which appears to indicate they knew there was a good chance Seth was injured.

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