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Heartbreaking exchange between Samoa Joe & Seth Rollins during Raw’s main event indicates they knew about injury immediately

Well, this pretty much closes the book on the whole “is it a work?” conversation for me surrounding Seth Rollins’ latest knee injury:

Honestly, I had to let it run through several times before I could make out Joe asking “are you okay?” under his breath - but Rollins’ “I hope so” is clearly audible and matches up with what my amateur lip reading skills tell me.

Which indicates both men immediately knew something went bad during Joe’s Coquina Clutch takedown in the main event segment of the Monday, Jan. 30 Raw.

We’re still waiting for word of how bad, and we all hope the tests he’s undergoing today at the Andrews’ clinic in Birmingham, Alabama will reveal something that won’t require surgery and a months long rehabilitation process, like his November 2015 injury.

Stay tuned.

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