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Hey, at least Jinder Mahal earned Triple H’s respect!

In one of the least surprising results in recent memory, Triple H defeated Jinder Mahal in what WWE promoted as an epic clash in New Dehli, India earlier this evening. That’s the same Mahal who is set to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE championship at Clash of Champions a week from tomorrow, the same Mahal who spent much of 2017 as WWE champion, the same Mahal WWE has told us is a really big deal, wrestling in front of a market they literally made him champion to break further into before changing their minds, taking the title off him before making it there, and then jobbing him out to “The Game.”

But, hey, at least Triple H made clear Mahal “earned my respect,” which is surely much more important than actually, you know, pinning him.

There was also dancing, but because it’s Triple H, one of the Singh brothers ate a Pedigree before he took off.

The more things change and all that.

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