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Buff Bagwell and Raven’s WWE royalties lawsuit has been dismissed, so we might be getting WCW Thunder on the Network!

Multiple sources are reporting that the lawsuits between Marcus "Buff" Bagwell and Scott "Raven" Levy and WWE were dismissed yesterday (Dec. 7). According to Chris Harrington, lawyers for Bagwell and Levy requested a delay in late November because parties were discussing a “potential dismissal”. That’s often an indication of a potential settlement*.

The plaintiffs were essentially suing to get royalties from WWE Network. Bagwell and Levy’s deals required the company to pay out based on revenue from DVDs on which they featured, so they believed they should be compensated for Network subscriptions which were eating into DVD sales. A win for Bagwell and Levy’s side would have opened the doors for all wrestlers to make a similar claim. A settlement* here would seem to close that door, at least for now.

What it does put back on the table is the addition of WWE Sunday Night Heat and WCW Thunder to the streaming service. PWInsider’s sources told them those shows were prepped and ready to launch around when the suit was filed in August of 2016, but were pulled back because Bagwell and Levy featured on them.

So good news if you want to see those shows for $9.99. Maybe less good news for the talents who worked them and their hopes of seeing a fraction of a cent of your subscription fee.

* UPDATE: As mentioned in our most recent Rumor Roundup - according to a follow-up from PWInsider, there was no settlement, and the site’s sources say there was no attempt by WWE to settle at any time. Bagwell and Levy reportedly agreed to drop the case after being deposed by WWE attorneys. Their suit was dismissed “with prejudice”, so the wrestlers can not bring claims against the company again. WWE’s countersuit against Levy for making false statements in a previous case can be brought against if he sues WWE on contractual matters in the future.

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