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Kurt Angle announces three matches for The Shield on Raw

As a former member of the group, no WWE authority figure understands The Shield like Kurt Angle. Look collectively The Shield were flat out embarrassed last Monday Night on Raw and Kurt Angle gets that.

As an unit, The Shield rarely lose together and technically it was only Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the match but Roman Reigns was very much involved in the finish last Monday.

With Ambrose and Rollins coming off a loss to The Bar in a title match and Reigns getting bested by Samoa Joe during the contest, Kurt Angle has officially announced three separate shots at redemption this Monday night (Dec. 11) for The Shield.

Romans Reigns will take on Cesaro. Seth Rollins will go one on one with Sheamus. And for first time ever in the WWE, Dean Ambrose will go heads up with Samoa Joe.

Next Monday on Raw is getting busy. Which one of the three Shield themed match-ups are you most looking forward to?

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