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Triple H just challenged Roman Reigns to an IC title match

Can we talk about Triple H’s sleeves for a moment? Triple H and his leather sleeves just had a cool house show moment in Abu Dhabi.

While Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stood tall in the center ring, looking all Shield’d out, The Game made a surprise appearance in front of the Abu Dhabi crowd.

Not only did Triple H and that jacket mean mug all three members of The Shield, he touched the Big Dog’s title. Then he challenged Reigns to an Intercontinental title match later in the tour.

Triple H is running wild all along the house show circuit has to be a sign of other things to come? Dressed in a leather jacket and sunglasses, what is the endgame for the ummm Game? Fresh off a Survivor Series one off, it looks like Triple H is getting in ring shape for something big in 2018.

Perhaps a surprise Royal Rumble appearance? Or something more?

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