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Seth Rollins sings and gives Dean Ambrose cake on his birthday

Even Lunatics have birthdays. On December 7, 1985 Jonathan David Good was born and the world has been pretty crazy ever since. Fast forward 32 years later and Dean Ambrose is celebrating his birthday in the most Dean Ambrose of ways.

Just look at the pure delight on Ambrose’s face. If Michael Cole and JBL have taught us anything it’s this guy is just crazy. Unhinged Dean Ambrose calmly takes in the moment, reflects about his time on Earth, the meaning of life and eats a single slice a chocolate cake.


Ambrose does look genuinely surprised today was in fact his birthday and everyone remembered. The Raw brand is currently on tour in Abu Dhabi and Ambrose does crack a smile when he sees the piece of cake is for him.

Props to Seth Rollins for playing it cool and not being shy at all about taking a big bite out of Ambrose’s cake. Hopefully these two buddies and Roman Reigns stay together for a very long time and losses like Monday on Raw’s don’t drive a wedge between them.

Dean was cool with letting Seth have a bite of his cake, right? People have been unexpectedly hit in the back with steel chairs for less in the WWE.

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