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A bad omen for Enzo Amore and Nia Jax’s relationship

On Raw this week, Nia Jax made it known she’s at least intrigued by Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore. Before handing over his microphone to Drew Gulak and hopping on a plane to the UAE, Zo bragged a bit about his potential suitor in a way that certainly didn’t discourage Nia.

Rumors are flying around about why these two characters are being paired up on television, and discussions are being had among fans about if it’s a good idea. We won’t know for some time if it leads to good wrestling stories, but we do know that a romantic adventure Amore embarked upon a year ago, almost exactly to the day, didn’t work out well for The Certified G...

Is starting a new love interest angle 364 days after you were lured into a hotel room by an attractive Russian so her Bulgarian husband could kick your ass a good idea? I guess Zo isn’t necessarily known for good ideas, but still.

Jokes aside, omen or no - this probably won’t end much better for The Smacktalker Skywalker. And for those of us watching at home, that’s probably okay... especially since he’s no longer playing the babyface he was in December of 2016.

But alignment really doesn’t matter when it comes to Enzo. It’s one thing fans agree with Vince McMahon on - it’s fun to see him catch a beating.

Will that come from Nia, or someone else? Who’s looking forward to finding out?

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