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SmackDown’s tag title scene is the gift that keeps on giving

The champs’ attention is focused elsewhere, and their friendly-ish rivals the longest reigning tag titleholders in WWE history are slinging pancakes around. And that’s fine, because the other two squads in what has become a four team race for the belts are doing some great work.

You think you’re excited that Rusev and Aiden English’s win over New Day resulted in their being added to the Clash of Champions title match? Rusev Day is happier! They’re even more elated than they are on a regular Rusev Day!

Just look at the GIF we now have... truly this is a blessed Rusev Day!

You know who isn’t elated? The official #1 contenders, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. No sooner did they accept the fact their pay-per-view (PPV) title shot was now a Triple Threat than they have to process the news it’s a Fatal 4Way...

‘Angry Chad has questions’ is a great bit.

If we can keep getting material like this, I kind of hope Clash never gets here. Or they can keep adding more teams to the mix.

Bludgeon Brothers, anyone (why are they in the match, though)?

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