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WWE 2K18 is now available on Nintendo Switch

It’s been a while since Nintendo devotees have had a wrestling game on one of the company’s consoles. But WWE ‘13 for the Wii finally has a successor, and it’s out today. WWE 2K18 for the Switch has arrived!

It’s also the first portable video game the company’s licensed in six years.

WWE wants you to know this isn’t some scaled down version of 2K18, either. The largest ever roster of playable characters (including support for DLCs), updated Creation Suite, plus the Universe, MyCareer and new Road to Glory mode are all here.

How does it play? We’ll find out. We can tell you you’ll need a nice chunk of free space on a microSD card, because you’ll need 32GB to download this bad boy, so keep that in mind.

Who’s getting it?

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