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Dolph Ziggler lays out both Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode on SmackDown


Dolph Ziggler is back y’all. So Baron Corbin’s title defense versus Bobby Roode at Clash of Champions is now a triple threat match. Tonight (Dec. 5) on SmackDown, a energized Ziggler made sure he was not an afterthought in the U.S title picture.

Booked for a commentary spot, during a Corbin vs. Roode warm-up match on SmackDown, Ziggler took his time and observed the action in the ring before making his move. In Ziggler time two minutes into the match was all he needed before he knocked out both men with sneak attacks.

A Zig Zag for Roode ended the match in disqualification then a Zig Zag for Corbin furthered emphasized Ziggler’s point.

Is Dolph Ziggler back and heeling it up? Does it all it take for our favorite Cricket Wireless commercial star to get a little pep in his step is to dress him up in street clothes?

Roode or Ziggler, who has the best chance of taking the belt off Corbin at Clash of Champions?

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