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Steve Austin and Sasha Banks share the most adorable podcast moment

Sasha Banks appeared on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show and it's a great podcast for a number of reasons, not least of which that it's Stone Cold talking to the Legit Boss about pro wrestling. Banks is a great interview because she's willing to be open about various subjects and she gets into some interesting stuff here, like the pressure she feels to keep her spot and the challenges she faces within that.

You should really listen to the podcast to hear all of that.

But you also need to listen because there is a moment, at the 56 minute mark, where the following exchange occurs:

Banks: I had a match against Emma and they were chanting 'ratchet' and I thought it was 'rat shit.' It's really the first chant I ever got at NXT because I was really just getting nothing.

Austin: What is ratchet?

Banks: Like a ghetto girl. Which I was, that was my character.

Just the most adorable, for Austin's genuine confusion at hearing the term and Sasha's laughter as she explains it to him. Listen here.

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