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Matt Hardy is talking WOKEN trash to multiple members of the Raw roster

There was much to like about the fully awake version of Matt Hardy the WWE Universe was introduced to on Monday, Dec. 4.

I could probably watch he and Bray Wyatt laugh over each other for ten minutes (and if that sounds like your cup of tea, I direct you to this video from his TNA run of Matt wandering around a motel room making faces and weird noises for five minutes). But my favorite thing about that segment was Hardy calling The Eater of Worlds a “Consumer of Terrestrial Entities”.

Those kinds of bizarre turns of phrase are key to the gimmick, and it should be a blast to hear him unleash them on future rivals.

Luckily, he’s not waiting until he starts an actual, traditional program with a few potential opponents. The Woken One is hitting a couple other guys who are orbiting around him with tweets written in his unique voice:

(If you’re new to the Broken-verse and wondering about this souls and vessels business, this version of Matt’s a big believer in reincarnation. His pet kangaroo houses the spirit of boxing legend Joe Frazier. George Washington lives in his giraffe. Totally normal stuff like that.)

Can’t wait for THE GREAT WAR to come to the GROUNDS of that PRODIGIOUS CUR, Roman Reigns.

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