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Music hating Braun Strowman runs down Elias on Raw


Elias should not have talked to Kurt Angle about his son. Sure everyone hates Jason Jordan but don’t say it aloud and if you do don’t utter it to the face of Angle.

If you upset Angle, he will book you in a surprise match versus Braun Strowman. Elias got his spotlight and he got his concert in the Staples Center but then he was crushed by Strowman.

Once Strowman put down Elias with one running powerslam, threw some steel steps into the ring and was looking to bring more pain, none other than Kane interrupted and inadvertently saved Raw’s favorite coffeehouse performer.

Kane then made a match for next week on Raw, Big Red Monster vs. Monster Among Men. It’s the battle of Monsters next Monday night, will Kane or Braun Strowman walk away with their neck intact?

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