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Roman Reigns beats Jason Jordan, gets attacked by Samoa Joe post-match


Jason Jordan is not here to take part he’s here to takeover. Raw GM Kurt Angle opened tonight’s (Dec. 4) show with the intentions of booking Roman Reigns into a high profile title match; instead Jordan stormed down to the ring with an idea.

Right in the middle of Angle’s huge announcement, Jordan’s music hit and the crowd in the Staples Center showered him with nothing but boos. Either the crowd was just really hot to open Raw or the crowd has genuine hate for Jordan.

Not to be outdone, Samoa Joe also made his way out to plead his case on why he should be the man to beat-up Reigns. Before Joe could get to his next bullet point, Jordan hit Reigns with a sneaky belly-to-belly suplex.

That’s one way to get your title shot.

With Joe looking on, Jordan got beat pillar to post in the early going before he mounted a comeback; much to the dismay of the Los Angeles crowd. Jordan countered a Reigns’ Superman punch attempt with a drop kick and got a near fall.

Jordan would even work over Reigns on outside of the ring with multiple slams into the steel steps to soften up the champ.

After dominating most of the match, Jordan’s bum knee started to act up and Reigns took advantage. Despite the damaged knee Jordan mounted another comeback, before eating a Superman punch and spear combo.

Post-match Samoa Joe walked down to the ring to pick the bones of Roman Reigns. While choking out the IC champion, it was a hobbled Jason Jordan who suplexed Joe out of the hold.

So of course Reigns thanked Jordan with a Superman punch. Jordan put on one of the best matches of his career, is this the start of a full on heel turn for Kurt Angle’s biological son?

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