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Paige reveals she was nervous about WWE return, was relieved when fans cheered

Paige’s return to WWE has gone pretty darn well. Well enough that at this point it’s hard to imagine fans wouldn’t have been excited to see the big comeback of a legacy who helped heighten the profile of women’s wrestling for The ‘E and its fans.

But as the latest edition of her YouTube show Glampire Diaries tells us, yes, Paige is still trying to make “Glampire” happen.

Oh... wait! It also tells us that the two-time Divas champion wasn’t sure how people would react after more than a year off and a lot of non-wrestling drama:

“It was insane to hear the crowd pop. First of all, I wasn't expecting it to be that loud, which was also incredible. Also, I was trying to keep my crap together because I was just like... oh my gosh, I felt so nervous. But, yeah, it felt really good. It felt really, really good. I felt like 'people like me, they really like me.' No, it just felt really great, so thank you, everyone, for the support.”

No, thank you! Really glad you’re back!

We’re still not calling you “Glampire”, though.

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