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Sami Zayn says Shane McMahon pulled Kevin Owens from WWE’s Mexico tour to isolate them


Can’t find any official or dirt-screen explanation for why Kevin Owens hasn’t worked any of SmackDown’s shows in Mexico the last few days, but here’s a kayfabe one from his “brother” Sami Zayn. And it proves the old maxim: everything is a work if you wait long enough.

“Sami Zayn here, live from Mexico. Alone, by the way, in Mexico because Shane McMahon has pulled my brother Kevin Owens off the tour. Like all authoritarian leaders before him, he’s trying to employ a divide and conquer strategy to try and isolate me.

And so here, this is my locker room now. Because he’s managed to turn the entire SmackDown locker room against me. He has managed to trick them into thinking I’m the traitor. I’m the bad guy - when in fact, I’m the victim, because I’m the only one, along with Kevin Owens, who doesn’t buy into all of his ‘Team Blue’ propaganda and his lies.

So you want to try and isolate me, Shane? You want to try and isolate me, you want to try and get in my head? Fine. The thing about me and Kevin Owens is we are men of integrity. And men of integrity don’t break that easily. Anything else you got up your sleeve Shane, bring it.”

The lack of news on KO’s absence from shows in Mexico City, Merida and Monterrey probably means it was something planned, and this is just WWE adding a little juice to the Owens and Zayn vs. Shane story by sprinkling in something to remind fans about their being sent home from Europe.

Unless, of course, Kev really is being punished again...

Pro wrestling, everybody!

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