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R-Truth wants Goldust to give him his spot in the Mixed Match Challenge

R-Truth has been out injured for a while, getting surgery on his shoulder earlier this month. He’s on the road to recovery and getting closer to a comeback, however, and that means he’s going to need something to do.

His idea? Using social media to campaign for Goldust to give up his spot in the Mixed Match Challenge:

"Come on, Universe, I need y'all to help me out with this. I need y'all to talk to Goldust. Goldust has a spot in the Mixed Match Challenge. The show is about to come on. Y'all know I've been injured, right? Y'all know I've had two surgeries on my shoulder, right? Well I'm in rehab, I'm working out, I'm getting ready to come back, and I'm coming back in a big way. I need Goldust to give me that spot. He turned on me. Dog, do the right thing. Give me that spot."

For his part, Goldust seems to be ignoring him. He’s also been busy trying to recruit Asuka to be his partner, though it doesn’t appear to be working:

Hey, at least we’re talking about them, right?


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