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Bayley tells a story of once losing a boyfriend because of Matt Hardy

WWE started up a series it’s calling “Superstar Superfan,” which is just a deep dive into the how much of a fan of wrestling — and WWE, more specifically — its wrestlers are. Episode one features Bayley, and she tells a few fun stories, like this one about Matt Hardy, whom she met when she was 15:

"Really embarrassing, I had a boyfriend at this time. That I met in like summer school and then this happened and I swear that's all I could talk about. 'He did this, and then he did this in his match, and he gave me a hug, look at all these pictures.' I was posting it all over like MySpace and stuff. I literally think the reason this guy broke up with me is because I couldn't stop talking about this. I don't know if he was jealous or if he was just like 'this chick is weird.' Maybe a combo of both but Matt Hardy ended my relationship. So, whatever man."

The full episode:

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