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Curt Hawkins didn’t win a single match in 2017, losing streak stands at 0-152

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Curt Hawkins couldn’t do it.

The man who returned to WWE telling us all we would soon have to “face the facts” must now face the fact that he did not win a single match in 2017. According to, he wrestled 123 times.

His losing streak now stands at 0-152.

He lost singles matches, he lost tag team matches, he lost handicap matches, he lost battle royals, he lost pay-per-view matches, he lost television matches, he lost dark matches; hell, he even lost NXT matches.

He lost 20 different singles matches to Kalisto, and a few more involving Kalisto in tags. He didn’t lose to anyone as much as he lost to Kalisto.

He was even 0-3 against James Ellsworth, folks.

Take it away, Finn: