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Aiden English plays dirty politics in his US title quest

With their United States championship tournament match this Tuesday on SmackDown, the politics between Aiden English and Xavier Woods has heated up.

We showed you Woods’ campaign ad yesterday. Now, because of the FCC’s Equal Time rules, we must show you Aiden English’s.

It starts with Aiden trying to look like an every day American wearing a scarf and opera jacket but quickly turns to mudslinging. Not only does he chide the New Day for gyrating their hips in our faces, but he also implies Booty-O’s causes cancer. That’s dirty, man.

To add to the smear tactics, there’s the case of this questionable Super PAC that’s popped up attacking the New Day further. (A Super PAC that Aiden himself retweeted but denies any association with.)

The only difference between this and real politics is I actually don’t want this to end this Tuesday. In less than a week, Woods and English have been incredibly entertaining building this on social media. It’s a shame it’ll end so soon.

So who’s got your vote? #WoodsUSChamp or #English2018?

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