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Braun Strowman is clearly the ‘Wrestler of the Year’ for 2017

This year’s debate over the “Wrestler of the Year” isn’t much of a debate at all, not really. You can talk all you want about how great Kazuchika Okada was, or how Kenny Omega reached new heights, and all the great matches both of them had, and yadda yadda. None of it compares to what Braun Strowman did.

He survived death!


At Great Balls of Fire in July, Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in an Ambulance match and then this happened:

He emerged from that ambulance bloodied and bruised, but not broken.

Later in the year, at TLC, his own teammates turned on him, with Kane crushing him with chairs before The Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus all ganged up to throw him in a garbage truck, where he was compacted.

He was gone for a week and then reappeared like this:

That’s still one of the greatest bits WWE has ever aired and I will emerge from a sea of trash to fight you if you disagree.

Also, Strowman was responsible for the “GIF of the Year” too!

Case closed.

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