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Enzo Amore is out here calling Giants Coach Ben McAdoo a ‘piece of trash’ for benching QB Eli Manning

Enzo, you mad?

"Frank, you all right? No, you're not all right, and I'm going to tell you why you're not all right, Frank: Ben McAdoo. Let me tell you something, Ben McAdoo, it ain't safe for you out in New York streets. That's why you've been changing your haircut every week. I ain't stupid, unlike you, you pumpkin pie hair cutted freak. Listen up, you schmuck, who the heck do you think you are benching Eli Manning, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback? That man goes out on his back, if anything. You want to break the streak? He's like the freaking Undertaker. You idiot! Do me a favor, just don't show up for work today. When I was a Hooters manager, Hooters waitresses would just no show work all the time and I didn't fire them, I fired them because of bad performance, alright? You're getting canned. You piece of trash!"

Enzo real mad.

Imagine a promo with that much fire getting that personal on WWE television without all the fluff thrown in. That is pure emotion, and it’s incredible for that reason.

McAdoo, for what it’s worth, could be fired after this week’s game, per ESPN.

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