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WWE Straight to the Source sneak peek, with Roman Reigns talking The Shield’s reunion

The first episode of the the new WWE show hosted by Corey Graves, Straight to the Source, debuts on the WWE Network after this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. They went with a big fish for episode one, with Graves sitting down for a one-on-one chat with Roman Reigns.

The sneak peek is all about The Shield:

"It's kind of just been crazy. I feel like my life has just been moving so fast in the past six months. I haven't even had a good opportunity to take it in. Like, man, we're back together, it's The Shield, it's me, Dean, and Seth. For some reason, looking back it seems like we were together for two or three years but it was only about a year and a half. We did, yeah... but then we did so much on our own. That was kind of a different transition. We didn't realize how much we did individually and how strong we became as solo performers -- we're a team of top guys. To bring it all back together, it's a different band, it's a different group now."

With word that WWE is still attempting to cut costs, a show where Graves simply sits with a star and has a conversation is both cheap and easy to produce. Considering his talent, it should also be entertaining, provided they allow him to actually go deeper with the subject of the interview.

This sneak peek looks like it’s on the softer side but they get the benefit of the doubt and episode one looks like it’s worth getting eyes on. We’ll see if that remains true once it goes live on the Network.

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