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Chris Jericho leaving Podcast One for Westwood One

Chris Jericho opened the latest episode of “Talk is Jericho” with an announcement that it wouldn’t just be the last of 2017 but the last on the Podcast One network:

"This is the last TIJ of 2017 and it's also the last Talk is Jericho here on Podcast One. I've got a big announcement to share with you: Talk is Jericho has a new podcast home for 2018. My show is moving to Westwood One, the huge, the famous Westwood One. ... When I decided to pick up and move, Westwood One was the platform that stood out to me the most because when I was a kid it meant a lot to me to always hear those Westwood One specials and here we are moving to Westwood One. Plus, I went to Westwood high school! So it's all coming together. But, listen, nothing is really changing. We're still doing two episodes per week, every Wednesday and Friday just like we've always been doing."

He would go on to say that the entirety of the Jericho Network would be going with him. His reasoning, quite simply, was that he wants to make his podcast the biggest in the world and he felt this was the right step towards making that happen.

The show will now be available on Google Play, Stitcher, and other popular podcast platforms.

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