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Braun Strowman explains how he got from Minneapolis to Baltimore by garbage truck

It’s probably one of 2017’s greatest pro wrestling mysteries.

After Kane murdered Braun Strowman by crushing him in a garbage truck’s compactor at TLC in Minneapolis on Oct. 22, he showed up eight days later in Baltimore. Sure, there are questions like “how come you’re not dead?” and “why did you have Terminator-like super speed and agility when you emerged on Oct. 30 to chase down The Miztourage on Raw?”, but even in sports entertainment, some questions are best left unanswered.

But the ones which have nagged at the WWE Universe these last two months are “why was it a different garbage truck?” and “were you in trash the whole time?”

Thanks to Uproxx’s McMahonsplaining podcast, we now have some closure:

“I was in a garbage truck for a week, and so I had to jump from nine different garbage trucks to make it across the country to show up there.”

Clear as mud?

A little disappointed they didn’t ask if he was exposed to some radioactive refuse which gave him the proportionate strength of trash. They did get other answers out of The Monster Among Men, however. Check some of those out here.

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