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WWE really wants Chrissy Teigen to come to WrestleMania

It’s no secret that WWE really loves attention from mainstream celebrities. It also makes a lot of business sense... since acquiring WCW, the company’s biggest challenge has been convincing advertisers, investors and broadcasters that it’s smart to partner with pro wrestling sports entertainment. People who appeal to demographics beyond the average graps fan help them in that regard, and that’s how we get Raw guest hosts.

That’s just one way, though. There are plenty of other examples. Like the way Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon jumped on this tweet (in response to our SBNation mothership) from supermodel Chrissy Teigen about the time she attended WrestleMania - presumably as a guest of future hubby John Legend when he performed “America The Beautiful” at XXIV back in 2008.

Sounds like Steph might get her wish, too. The television personality and former Sports Illustrated covergirl is excited that ‘Mania is in New Orleans... her only concern is that she might be too pregnant to attend (so even if Teigen makes it, don’t expect her to pull a Ronda Rousey and climb into the ring to take out Triple H).

Heck, she might even end up writing about her return to WrestleMania for our little corner of the web!

Even if this comes to nothing, it earned WWE a couple seconds of Twitter fame. And it gave us another wrestling icon being legendary, so it was all worth it...

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