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Acting on the fly: WWE is turning Dean Ambrose’s injury into a positive

WWE is reporting that Dean Ambrose’s triceps injury will keep him out of action for nine months of time. Others claim that maybe it won’t be that long.

Regardless of the duration, it should be a good chunk of time, so in response, WWE has teamed Jason Jordan with Seth Rollins and on Monday Night Christmas, the duo won the tag team titles.

We discussed the move in detail on this week’s edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling podcast.

Zach: “Unbelievable. Jason Jordan, a tag team champion on Raw with Seth Rollins. This is shocking for so many reasons. Sometimes, when the WWE gets thrown a curveball because of an injury, you catch them flat footed. We’ve seen that happen before. They aren’t as nimble and agile to make adjustments on the fly, and rightfully so. I can’t even imagine how hard that would be if you’re locked into something and now you have to change it? That has to suck. We saw them in this instance be extremely nimble and turn a negative into a positive because let’s be real—losing Dean Ambrose, the crowd may love him more than anybody. He gets constant, consistent pops from city to city in a way that very few other wrestlers do. They’ve made the most of it. They’ve given us something interesting, albeit bizarre.”

Pete: “This is like my worst nightmare because I love Seth Rollins, and I can’t stand Jason Jordan, and what’s amazing about this is recently it came out in an interview, Kurt Angle said that this was all by design. Vince doesn’t want anyone to like Jason Jordan, so I think that this tag team is by design, where it’s super interesting because Seth Rollins, he’s a fan favorite. And so they’re pairing a fan favorite with a guy you’re supposed to not like, and it should lead to some interesting storylines. I’m interested in seeing where it goes whereas maybe Seth Rollins tries to make him more likable. He’s had a lot of practice the last few months in doing that for Roman Reigns, maybe intentionally or unintentionally. A lot of times in history where you see odd pairs team up and they give them the title belts, it does make for different types of storylines-- you saw it with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane, Mankind and the Rock, even as recent as Sheamus and Cesaro. It’s working for me because as a fan, as someone who’s analyzing the product, I cannot stand Jason Jordan and I almost feel bad for Seth because now he has to deal with him, and I think it’s by design, so kudos to the WWE.”

For the full discussion and podcast, use the player below. If you can’t see it, click here.

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