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Xavier Woods, Kenny Omega release their top ten games of 2017 together

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We told you it was the season for top ten lists. There are only a few things in the world that can bring together the worlds of The New Day and The Bullet Club; top ten lists (of course), possibly pancakes and video games.

Thanks to the folks at Giant Bomb, Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega have come together to discuss, argue and list their top ten favorite video games of 2017.

“Kenny: Another year and another top 10! Last year, my good friend Austin and I had so much fun working together, we thought we’d do it again in 2017. I anticipate our lists will be a little different from each other, so this should fuel some very fun and... friendly debate.

Austin: Yes, fun and friendly are the words that I would use for it. I’ll start off by saying that I am honored to be doing another top 10 list with one of the greatest, creative, and most charismatic performers that I have ever met in my life. The one, the only, KENNY OMEGA!

Kenny: And I am glad to introduce a man with the greatest YouTube gaming channel going today, one of the most versatile, intelligent, and talented humans on this Earth… AUSTIN CREED! And you know what...? I’ll say it. I thought you were all just trombones, pancakes, and shenanigans... but heck, you’ve been no slouch in the ring this year either!

Austin: Thank you for the kind introduction good sir!”

Yes! Love these two. Video games are uniting the pro wrestling world for the greater good. Now for Woods and Omega’s top five video games of 2017.


5) 2064: Read Only Memories

4) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

3) Persona 5

2) Super Mario Odyssey

1) Resident Evil 7


5) Fire Emblem Warriors

4) Sonic Mania

3) South Park: The Fractured but Whole

2) Battle Chef Brigade

1) Tekken 7

Check out the full Giant Bomb interview for the duo’s remaining top ten as well as honorable mentions for the year.

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