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WWE names the top ten wrestlers of 2017

With only three days left on the 2017 calendar it’s time for the annual ‘best of’ and ‘top ten’ lists of the year to make an appearance. Today (Dec. 28) the WWE released their own list of the ten best wrestlers of 2017.

A couple of things stand out on the list. First of all The Usos and The New Day are tied for the number fourth spot so the list is really a top eleven. Second, with Roman Reigns closing in on headlining his fourth consecutive WrestleMania (wow it’s going to be four in a row), shouldn’t the Big Dog get his own dedicated spot in the top ten?

Also, a case could be made for another female WWE wrestler landing a spot in the top ten. Naomi? Charlotte? Carmella?

10) Enzo Amore

9) Brock Lesnar

8) The Shield

7) Kevin Owens

6) The Miz

5) Jinder Mahal

4) The Usos and The New Day

3) Alexa Bliss

2) Braun Strowman

1) AJ Styles

For those keeping score at home’s list includes six Raw brand entries, four SmackDown entries, nine male entries, one female entry, two tag-team entries and eight single competitor entries.

Besides there clearly being eleven listings in a top ten list, is this the correct order for your own personal top ten WWE wrestlers of 2017? Any noticeable wrestlers left off the list?

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