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Meet WWE’s new ‘Iron Man’

Dean Ambrose’s injury sparked a really interesting thread from Wrestlenomics Radio’s Chris Harrington.

When he went down for what WWE says is nine months (and almost everyone else guesses is less than that), the Grand Slam champion was the company’s “Iron Man”. From March 2012 through this month, Ambrose worked 1,054 matches while never going longer than 37 days between working.

With even the most optimistic estimates saying Dean will miss at least several months rehabbing from surgery to repair his torn triceps, Harrington revealed that the new “Iron Man” is SmackDown tag champ Jimmy Uso. Jey’s brother has been working main roster shows since June 2010 and has racked up 982 matches since. His longest string of “days off” during that span was 34 days in 2016.

On Jimmy’s heels, with some caveats, are Big E (over 900 matches, but with 57 day period without one this year while The New Day moved from Mondays to Tuesdays) and Fandango (802 heading into last night, but with regular spans of 20 - 33 days without a match).

The 500+ match club is Sin Cara (Hunico), Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin, Roman Reigns and Viktor.

Interesting, discussion-worthy stuff. For me, two big ones are (1) the fact that The Boss is on here after all the rumors about backstage opinion of her being low because she was perceived as being injury-prone and (2) Reigns’ presence despite some notable absences for a Wellness violation and the mumps.

What stands out to you?

Send Jimmy Uso some congrats (but don’t jinx him!) and give Harrington a follow and/or a listen - he’s got data and insight like this all the time.

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