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Bobby Roode shocks Baron Corbin, advances in US title tournament


Less than a hour after Daniel Bryan proclaimed the US title vacant, the first match-up of the tournament kicked off. To begin the second hour of tonight’s (Dec. 26) SmackDown Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode both looked to take the next step towards becoming an United States champion.

Minus former champion Dolph Ziggler, the pairing was a rematch of a Clash of Champions match from earlier in the month.

The flow of the match was a little all over the place but both men had their time to shine. Roode hit a Blockbuster off the top rope. Corbin countered Roode’s finisher into a nasty Deep Six.

Off a busted chokeslam from Baron Corbin, Bobby Roode countered into a sunset flip rollup for the quick three count.

Glorious! Bobby Roode advances to the final four of Daniel Bryan’s eight man US title tournament. Can the Glorious former Impact/NXT champion capture his first title on the WWE main roster?

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