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WWE fines Roman Reigns $5000 for shoving referee while kicking Samoa Joe’s ass

WWE has some issues, but they’re pretty kayfabe consistent when it comes to shoving their in-ring officials (the full-time ones, anyway... the guidelines get a little fuzzier when it comes to “special guest referees”).

Just like they did with Alicia Fox back in October, Roman Reigns has been fined for putting hands on a ref. In this case, veteran official John Cone, who tried to get The Big Dog to stop kicking Samoa Joe’s ass last night during their Intercontinental title match before ending the match as a disqualification win for the challenger due to said ass kicking.

Considering how, in-story, Joe was responsible for putting his brother Dean Ambrose on the shelf for nine months, Romey probably thinks 5K is worth it.

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