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Roman Reigns loses temper, loses to Samoa Joe by DQ on Raw

Any questions about the chemistry between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe were answered tonight (Dec. 25) in Chicago. For the Christmas edition of Raw, GM Kurt Angle announced early in the night that Reigns would put his Intercontinental title on the line versus Joe.

The match itself had all the makings of a show stealer but then Reigns lost his cool.

Okay, Reigns didn’t just lose his cool he really lost his mind. After Reigns was disqualified for not listening to the referee on a break, the IC title holder proceeded to beat on Joe for several minutes post-match.

Sure Roman Reigns transformed into sociopath in a blink of a eye but he was a newfound sociopath defending the honor of his friend. Add another layer to the Roman Reigns character and rest in peace to Samoa Joe’s bad ass aura; at least for one night.

What do you think of Reigns snapping on an already beaten opponent?

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