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Elias punches out John Cena in the middle of a Christmas song


Maybe we should start Walking With Elias (WWE). Tonight’s (Dec. 25) Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw, opened with the return of John Cena. The WWE’s franchise player was all set to cut an uplifting Holiday themed promo but then Elias came out.

The two men bickered a little then both openly acknowledged the Chicago crowd’s “CM Punk” chants.

Then perhaps with their hearts filled with Holiday joy, Elias and Cena began to sing together as a duo. This was a true Christmas miracle....then Cena turned his back in the middle of singing and was punched right in his jolly face by Elias.

Seeing his opportunity to score over a “W” over John Cena, Elias proposed a match. For reasons unknown WWE officials green lit a match where one of the participants was just KO’d and still laying on the mat.

Elias would race out to the early lead in the match. In fact Elias dominated the match for 90% of it but then you know what happened. Shoulder tackle, five knuckle shuffle and Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Nice win for John Cena and despite losing, Elias was able to hang with Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect for the match step-for-step.

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