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Hope you loved any of your Christmas presents as much as this kid loved his NXT championship belt

We’re late to the party on this one - it happened last week and went viral (as the kids say) shortly thereafter. But maybe you missed it, or maybe you just need a little infusion of the holiday spirit on this Christmas Day.

WWE has a deeper dive, along with some Superstar reactions to Charles Thompson, Jr. suprising his friend Shanquis with a replica NXT championship belt before their school let out for winter break.

But you don’t need backstory to get what’s going on here - someone surprising their friend with a thoughtful gift related to something they love, and that friend being really grateful, not so much for the present, but for the friend who gave it:

Merry Christmas (and/or have a great Monday) - Charles, Shanquis and everyone. Let somebody know how much they mean to you today.

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