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Kane on his latest main event run: ‘This might be the last one’


The idea of Kane in the main event scene in WWE in 2018 sounds downright ludicrous when you consider the fact that he’s 50-years-old and has been wrestling for the better part of the past 22 years. He knows that too, as he explained to the New York Post, and he recognizes that his Universal title shot against Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match that also includes Braun Strowman could be it for him:

“I have to take advantage of everyone that comes along. This might be the last one. I don’t know. I certainly think the match at Royal Rumble is going to be special for me.


“I’ve been in WWE for 22 years and that’s a long time and I still think I perform at a high level,” he said. “But nevertheless, it’s a long time and I know I don’t have many opportunities like this left.”

If he becomes Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee next year, we can safely assume this will act as his retirement run. We may be able to assume as much now, anyway, for all the reasons mentioned.

He won’t be going out with a title run, from the looks of it, but working with talented stars like Lesnar and Strowman, and putting them over, isn’t a bad way to go out.


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