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The Usos vow to ‘hurt the show’ again if they aren’t on WrestleMania 34’s main card

The Usos aren’t just the current SmackDown tag team champions, they’re also one of the best stories of the year. Since the brand split, Jimmy and Jey have grabbed the proverbial brass ring, transforming from colorful but largely quiet (outside of their performance of the Siva Tau) babyfaces to edgy heels who were so good on the mic fans turned them babyface(ish) again.

In a new interview on, the twins discuss that evolution and how it played out during their “rivalry of the year”-worthy program with The New Day. The sons of Hall of Famer Rikishi also talk a great deal about a chip they carry on their shoulders - that of having never been on the main card of a WrestleMania or a SummerSlam (something our own Cain A. Knight pointed out before they were relegated to the pre-show again in Orlando this past March).

Especially considering their Kickoff match with New Day from the latest SummerSlam is making “Best of” lists - including WWE’s own, it’s a sore subject. But since Jimmy and Jey know they can steal, and therefore hurt, the entire show with their performance, they’ve got a plan should the find themselves on YouTube instead of pay-per-view (PPV) in New Orleans:

Jey: put us on the [SummerSlam] Kickoff show? The Usos and The New Day on the Kickoff show, especially The Usos, when you know we deliver every single night, man. We delivered. And, all of a sudden, we got half a house full, Uce.

Jimmy: To be on a Kickoff at 5 [p.m.], and the fans aren’t even in their seat? Our mindset is, we’re gonna make sure this will be the hardest match to follow. And yeah, they messed up by putting us on first, but we ain’t got no choice but to do it. But to make this match a hell of a tag team match, to make this match a hell of a title match, to make this match a hell of a match period … we almost hurt the show, you know what I’m saying?

Jimmy: There’s two major shows The Usos ain’t never, ever, ever been on. The two biggest shows in WWE. One, SummerSlam. The other one?

BOTH: WrestleMania.

Jey: Always Kickoff. Always get there, always get right there but never on there. I feel like we’re doing everything we’re supposed to do and then some. There’s gonna be a time when you can’t hold us back no more. There’s gonna come a time people are gonna want The Usos. Put us on the big stage man, the main card, the WrestleMania card we deserve to be on. You know what hurt me most? I’m sitting back last year watching WrestleMania. I see three, four other tag teams in the match. Me and my brother been here the longest. Been putting in work for the longest. All of a sudden I see a tag team that ain’t even a real tag team. This other tag team just got here. What’s the deal with that? I don’t know, and I really don’t care. Why? Because I know they can’t stop us. The cream rises to the top, Uce. And me and my brother? We’re the cream.

Jimmy: We grind to get on WrestleMania. Year after year after year you wanna be the team to get there. You wanna be the main movie. Not the previews of the movie. This year it needs to happen, because I know we’re hotter than ever, we’re better than ever, people like us more than ever.

Jey: Best shape ever.

Jimmy: We’re taking it serious, Uce. We want everybody to know we’re serious about it. And it’s all coming out of love, too. We’re barking, but we ain’t biting, you know? This is all out of love, here.

Jey: Let us in, before we kick it in.

Jimmy: Just lettin’ em know. Ain’t nothing gonna change on this end. And if they decide to put us on SummerSlam Kickoff again next year? Guess what? We’re gonna do it again. We’re gonna hurt the show. And if they put us on WrestleMania Kickoff again next year? We’re gonna kill it again. They can try to hold us down, but we’re gonna turn up.”

It’s a long series of quotes, but, man, I even like reading them talk. And there’s more... I encourage you to head over to for the full piece, which includes more detail on how they changed their gimmick by being themselves, and a breakdown of their epic rap battle segment from July 4.

And put them in the main movie, WWE! If you don’t, they’re gonna make you pay for it.

That ain’t paranoia...

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