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Kalisto’s wife says he was injured when fan hit him with a water bottle

According to the wife of WWE Superstar, Kalisto, the incident during Tuesday, Dec. 19’s 205 Live where a fan threw a water bottle at him after his match wasn’t the “near miss” many of us thought when we saw the clip (details and video here).

In Twitter and Instagram posts blasting the unidentified bottle-thrower, Kalisto’s wife Abigail Rodriguez says he needed to undergo medical treatment after the scene that played out in the arena. From a photo she shared, it appears to have lacerated and badly bruised his lip:

According to social media messages from some WWE employees, the culprit was identified and “caught” - but no official announcement has been made by WWE or the Prudential Center in Newark, so we have no information regarding possible charges or punishment for their action.

Fingers crossed the test results on the former United States and Cruiserweight champion were negative, and he can miss minimal time with stitches as opposed to recovering from a facial fracture.

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