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Vince McMahon has reportedly filed for new XFL trademarks

Vince McMahon...

Is this really happening? 17 years removed from the professional sports graveyard, the XFL appears to be on track to make a Shockmaster like return in 2018. Rumors surfaced late last week of a possible XFL comeback and today some of those whispers are turning into a reality.

When we last checked in with the XFL, the WWE had confirmed that Vince McMahon started a new entity called Alpha Entertainment with the intention to explore investment opportunities in sports and entertainment, including pro football. Today McMahon and Alpha Entertainment made more moves that will only add fuel to the XFL returning tire fire.

To further swirl speculation it looks like McMahon personally sold some of his WWE shares today in order to fund Alpha Entertainment. 3.4 million shares of WWE stock would roughly be worth about $105 million dollars.


The XFL comeback is gaining momentum and maybe someone close to McMahon can remind him how bad the first season of the XFL is remembered in sport’s history. One season before being cancelled, bad ratings, the WWE and NBC each losing roughly $35 million dollars on the joint venture.

Are you ready for some football? Will the XFL really return in 2018?

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